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At Dwarkadham we believe that homes are meant to be more than mere living spaces. They are opportunities in investment and growth. We offer you an array of exquisitely designed villas and apartments.  Dwarkadham Builders & Developers proudly presents an architectural elegance, Classic elegant villas and apartments with new definition of luxury and comfort. The Group is founded on the motto to usher a better tomorrow by providing people with improved quality of life and living standards. Recognizing the basic need to approach the issue of planned development and growth across the Residential segments of the Real Estate Industry, We have endeavored to commit ourselves to providing a lifestyle backed by the highest standards of construction, design ethics, product quality and the best of amenities and facilities, A lifestyle that "Redefines Exuberance".

Market Scenario

The prices of property in tier two cities viz: Nagpur, Bhopal, Pune, Indore,, Jaipur Lucknow, has been spiraling higher than those in tier one cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai and certain developed economies like UK and the USA. It is high time  for all Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to  invest homeward.  The development of integrated townships has caught on and the world is really becoming smaller with state of the art roads, excellent communication and easier than ever connectivity. All the tier two cities and more particularly Bhopal has emerged as the most lucrative investment avenue in the country.

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) now allows NRIs to acquire residential and commercial properties without prior permission from the RBI. You can even let out the property and credit the Income to your NRO account. A certain percentage of that income is allowed to be repatriated abroad. The icing on the cake is that there is no limit on the number of properties an NRI can buy.

Condition 1
Repatriation is allowed only if payments for the purchase of the flat have been made through banks in India and from repatriation accounts (NRE/FCNR) - even if the purchaser pays through an NRE account you will not be able to take the funds out of India if you had not originally purchased it from an NRE/FCNR account.

Condition 2
Prior permission of the Income Tax department is necessary if the value of property being sold is more than certain limits (usually Rs. 10 lakhs for most cities. The ascribed value is more for the metros). Permission is to be obtained by Filling Form 37-I with the IT department.

Condition 3
Application for repatriation has to be made to the RBI within 90 days of the sale of the property.

If you wish to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of property, (20% for long term) you could use the funds from the sale of the property to purchase new property within two years from the date of sale of the first property. Don't use those funds! All you need to do is to keep the proceeds in a separate designated account with a nationalized bank till you purchase the new property. However, this exemption is applicable only with regard to residential houses and will not be applicable for sale of a plot of land or commercial property.


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